Yes, You've Got it!

Small details in your small space, like tokens from a vacation, provide an emotional lift everyday!
via anne naumann

i love this photo of Boy's and my shadow on a pier by the beach from a few years ago.

One of the perspectives I take with LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. is an emotional point of view. Making a house a home is not just buying a placing furniture and decor, it's creating a thoughtful and special "place" to live in. I want to encourage all of you lovely small space dwellers to really enjoy your space and reflect on your own fabulous style! You got it! Living small does not mean living without. It simply is a lifestyle and I am happy to be doing it (with you guys)! One of my favorite reminders about living small is that you since you do have to edit your space to make room for both function and style, the things you have in your home really mean something. All the way back to thinking about the design of the your small space to finding the right small space piece, placing it in your home and then, well, living in it. This entire process requires you to really enjoy your home. Think about your space and appreciate it - you created it!!
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3 Responses to "SMALL SPACE STYLE
Yes, You've Got it!


Katherine Lee said... 5/07/2009

Love it! I've added you to my blog roll as well!
xo Katherine aka. Urban Flea :)

loving. living. small. said... 5/07/2009

Awww, thanks Katherine Lee! And love your blog too - it's fab!

suGar,Honey,bAby,doll said... 5/07/2009

Right on. I've noticed that living in a small space, I can spend way less money on decor and make a big impact. I also like that I don't have to clean as much:)

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