Textile Books Offer Home Inspiration

Over and Over by Mike Perry
Art Deco Textiles by Alian Rene-Hardy
1960s Fashion Print by Marnie Fogg
Textiles Now by Drusilla Cole

Recently I've been enjoying textile books and find them to offer some *serious* design inspiration. There are some incredible color combinations (eggplant and pink - why not?) and also dynamic themes. If you are looking for a burst of color in your small space, definitely check out any or all of these. Fun!
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Textile Books Offer Home Inspiration


Jessica said... 5/26/2009

Just found your blog and **love** it! And it makes me smile that your first place was so close to my office...6th & Spring. ;)

loving. living. small. said... 5/29/2009

Ohhhh so jealous that you are there! I miss NY and Soho so much sometimes! Go to Pepe Rosso for me - yum!! Now that's a small space.

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