DESIGN INSPIRATION: Cathernine Malandrino Maison

I had a fab time at the Catherine Malandrino fashion show and panel discussion about pop design influences in fashion and design. Aside from her stunning nature (she's gorgeous!), the show was flirty and fun and the panel was interesting. While Catherine is known for being a fashion designer, she really love interior design. She designed her LA boutique as a lifestyle store for her clothes to "live in". Feminine yet bold colors mixed with appealing yet textural and structural design are seen across the board in Catherine's style. I personally love her store and spotted a few small space tips inside. The chic yet "make yourself comfy" cafe complimented the modern parlor area that also featured a floor-to-ceiling art gallery opposite a floor-to-ceiling metal bookcase. This definitely made a visual impact, opening up the space. Click here to learn more about this chic and interesting designer.

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La Petite Maison said... 5/28/2009

Oooh, I was there as well! Wasn't she amazing? I wish I could have met you. I'm happy to see a blog covering small spaces. :)

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