Ok, lovely readers, I am a day away from our move and am still packing things up. (In fact our movers came today (yikes) by mistake! They are coming back tomorrow morn but it just goes to show that things, well, just happen) I was fortunate to be able take a few days off work and we are doing all of our packing today. I took a few pics of the new space. The top is the building exterior. We are the bottom unit and have lovely bay windows now! (yea, a little alcove area). And you can see that I already painted the cute dining room the same gray I used in the old unit. While I am excited about our move to a bit more space, I am most happy that we will be able to use all of our existing furniture and decor. It's pretty amazing how a 1 bdrm can easily fill a 2 bdrm space!? The only outstanding things we need are a large rug for the main room, a new coffee table for the main room, a sofa bed for the guest room and a kitchen island type thing. Other then that, we have what we need. I will definitely be posting about how to continue small space solutions in slightly bigger space. What applies to 600 sq feet can definitely apply to over a 1000 sq ft. More to come...


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High Power Rocketry said... 12/04/2008

Nice looking place!

Anonymous said... 12/04/2008

Great place! Good luck with everything.

Lumen Drops said... 12/12/2008

It's a lovely space with nice floors and great windows - the most important foundations, I think.

Queen D said... 12/13/2008

beautiful! congrats

SearchingWellness said... 12/14/2008

Lovely place. I am excited to see you put it all together. :)

Heidi Jo said... 12/15/2008

What a fabulous place! How exciting!

Unknown said... 1/01/2009

so beautiful! love everything about it.

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