loving. eating. small.
summer travel edition

It's been raining like crazy in the east coast lately and I've been staying in and enjoying the cozy vibe of my new small space. I've been checking out and loving some amazing food blogs lately (like this blog, this blog and this blog) and was inspired to share some of my photos from my summer trip to Italy, Stockholm and London. I definitely enjoyed the food and wine on my trip and was turned on to a lot of new and interesting goodies. 

I love how photos evoke such memories and inspiration. I remember shooting one of my Chianti day trips and absolutely loving the faltered wood farm tables - perfectly rustic. It definitely inspired my new farmhouse buffet. Do you have pieces in your home that are inspired from photographs?

location of images from the top //

01. Rome. Window shopping break for coffee.
02. Florence. Rooftop dinner.
03. Stockholm. Lunch in my friend's backyard patio.
04. Florence. Gelato snack.
05. Florence. Breakfast on our rooftop terrace. 
06. Chianti. Winetasting.
07. Chianti. Lunch during winetasting.
08. Chianti. Dessert wine and cookie during winetasting.
09. Chianti. Winetasting.
10. Chianti. Winetasting.
11. London. Flowerpot bread at Borough Market.
12. London. Borough Market lunch.
13. London. Mushrooms snapped during Borough Market walk.
14. London. Notting Hill walk and snack.
15. London. Breakfast.
16. Florence. Best white pizza. Ever.
17. London. Oysters and clams snapped during Borough Market walk.
18. Stockholm. Ferry to Archipelago for Midsummer weekend.
19. Stockholm. Bulle and coffee break.

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summer travel edition


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