loving. eating. small.
summer pie + california home & design

I recently returned from my summer adventure to Stockholm, Italy and London - wow - what a trip! I was considering posting as I went but then decided - unplug. It was a really nice break but I am happy to be back and I am so insanely overloaded with design inspiration and style. I'll definitely be sharing some of the goodies that I discovered on my trip so stay tuned. (I took over 3000 photos!)

In the meantime, I am so excited and happy for my friend, Erin, and her amazing July/August issue of California Home + Design that came out a few weeks ago. As the new EIC, she rocked this issue. It's full of design ideas, visual moments and thoughtful lifestyle pieces. And she complemented the print mag with a matching digital issue. I even got to be part of a shoot featuring Matt of Matt Bites. (That's me in the blue/white tanktop with Matt and another friend) Shot at his Long Beach loft/studio, it was a great afternoon full of delicious treats on a stick and I'd-eat-with-my-hands amazing homemade pie. I absolutely loved the mosaic ashtrays that Matt and his partner collect that adorn their cement walls as a featured art gallery. The contrast of textures - matte cement balancing shiny pops of mosaic tile - truly work. I also love the idea of taking an intended item and turning it into your personal style. (Ashtray as art? Yes!) Small spaces really evolve with personal touches and small details. Click here to read the new issue of California Home + Design.

:: tabletop shots snapped by me with my iphone ::



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summer pie + california home & design


Sheri said... 7/19/2011

I love your blog! Can't wait to see the pics from your trip!


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