color lover. london row house edition.

I am a serious color lover - inspired by bright palettes. I am still going through all of my photos from my trip abroad this summer but I wanted to share some of my shots of the super colorful and quite lovely rowhouses in London. I ended my 4 week trip here and loved the energy and vibe of the city. My favorite spot - Notting Hill. (more to come on that neighborhood, complete with the best flea market I have ever seen, found on Portabello Road). I always say that you can find inspiration right outside your door and these pretty facades do just that - love it!

:: all photos snapped by loving. living. small. ::



4 Responses to "color lover. london row house edition."

Ta said... 7/22/2011

I want a house like this!

Kim Hambric said... 7/23/2011

How beautiful! And inspirational! Thanks for sharing those photos.

Sheri said... 7/25/2011

i love color too! These are wonderful!


Colleen / Inspired to Share said... 8/01/2011

This was one of my favorite things about London!! xo

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