{louis vuitton} + small space solutions

I spotted a neat tweet from @theselby about the launch of his collaboration with {my own personal fave icon} Louis Vuitton for the Fall/Winter 2010-2011 collection. um, think I headed straight on over there? yes! After clicking through the neat site that casually showcases major fashion destinations and several happenings + events + stylemakers within each, I had the pleasure of spotting quite a few small space solutions. One of my faves - floor-to-ceiling bookcases in Andre Balazs NYC office space. Yes, vertical depth works in small spaces! And of course I enjoyed the patterns (yes - they are BACK for 2010) in all the LV love. I am seriously coveting that priceless classic LV console. If you have a few minutes or hours to spend clicking through this design inspires site, go for it! And yes, I had to place even more LV over at i heart living small - drool-worthy. 


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Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said... 5/14/2010

Oh my goodness...I better not show my husband; he would leave me and go live there! Haha!

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