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as you know, we love using your walls to make your small space *feel* big! A lot of small space living is about tone. One of my favorite, favorite, favorite (can you tell I like this?) styles are patterned illustrations. I profiled Wayne Pate last summer and now want to share the work of Lucy Vigrass - lovely! The colors + style are super appealing and pretty! What a great way to add color to your small space! Buy some prints, frame a few with this cool frame risers (love these too!) and you have a neat art presentation in your small space.


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Unknown said... 5/23/2010

I HEART those greens and blues - so refreshing!

:) Laura

kylie said... 5/26/2010

Rebecca, I just read that you guys are coming to NYC. I would absolutely LOVE to meet you! Hope all of the preparations are going well :)


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