small space accents:
glitter + style

my dear friend turned me onto RAB|LABS and, um, yea, wow! I am loving these pieces! It maybe be the glittery style or the contrast of textures but a small accent like the cheese plate or bookends would look incredible in a small space. It's accents like these that have dimension, texture, substance, color - just design. consider finding pieces that are dimensional to add into your home. How pretty would the bookends look on these floating shelves - perhaps holding some neat cookbooks? pretty!

:: kitchen by lifestyle photographer, amy neunsinger ::


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glitter + style


CoffeeShopBloggers said... 4/09/2010

I love it! Thank you for that! I wanted to introduce you to a favorite blog of mine She also has a website for her interior design business based in Newton MA at . I think you might like it because you both have fabulous taste.

Pragmatic Mom

Tiina said... 4/14/2010

THAT's how i want my kitchen walls!

have a sweet day :)

Jennifer DeDonato said... 4/21/2010

So much goodness in those shots!

Lee said... 4/30/2010

I love those pieces and others on their website. Anthropologie carries a couple of similar pieces, one being coaster tiles which are sold as a set of 4 coasters on the web site and individually in the stores. I was going to work them into a new tile surface on a serving tray, but changed my mind. Now I want them again. Thanks for showing these pieces.

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