Turn Your Screen Into Your Headboard

I love the idea of using a screen to make a headboard. This is an affordable way to create a look you love in your small space. Loving this vintage wooden screen that is one side espresso wood and one side parchment - wow! Consider turning your screen into two by customizing it to your liking. (Different colors on each side? Or fabric on one, paint on the other?)


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Turn Your Screen Into Your Headboard


Anonymous said... 10/06/2009

Looking for a cute screen for my studio... one that isn't $11,000. I'm on the tightest budget known to man... any suggestions where to find some on the cheap? Thanks!

loving. living. small. said... 10/06/2009

Yea, $11K is, well, ridiculous for a screen. Check out World Market. They have pretty affordable screens that you can easily paint or add fabric to and create a custom-made piece for your home.

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