Turquoise blue accent lamp via Modern Dose

Blue vase layered with other textures

Vintage glasses with turquoise accents

Glass paperweight with a hint of turquoise

One of the next big colors for home design is turquoise and if you look around, you'll start seeing it popping up in stores, magazines and online. I recently snapped these photos of small accents. I love the idea of small details in a small space - it makes your home feel intimate, lived-in and comfortable. And it doesn't have to be so prominent either. The glass paperweight in the bottom picture is a nice example of integrating this color trend without it taking over.

The funny thing with trends is that they go away and come back fairly quickly (although it has taken 20 years for neon to come back in fashion and, people, it's back!) so it seems that they were always around. I love this shade of blue - it's a great accent piece and fun!
I'll post the other big color on the horizon tomorrow.


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Fee - Makeup Savvy said... 10/06/2009

I love looking out for turquoise glass such as the paperweight in the last image.
Or turquoise vases.

I don't really follow colour trends, but its nice when a favourite colour comes into trend so theres alot more choice and inspiration.
I'm loving Coral and Red at the moment.

Fee x

Anonymous said... 10/06/2009

Ooooo! I LOVE turquoise!!! I am always on the lookout for anything accented in turquoise :)

Southern Aspirations said... 10/07/2009

I'm terrible at following color trends admittedly but am loving the pops of turquoise. Especially the first and fourth photo!!

Penny said... 10/07/2009

I have an accent wall in my house this same color.

::levina:: said... 10/08/2009

one of my favorite colors...turquoise :).

Kate said... 10/29/2009

i just bought turquoise rain boots a couple of days ago, and I am so excited!!

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