Spice Rack

How cute is this spice rack via Dean & Deluca? The compact spice tubes and silver holder makes this a great addition to your small space.


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Spice Rack


Lu. Lu. said... 12/04/2008

oh my. i want this. :)

Sarah said... 12/05/2008

So after seeing this I thought "What a fantastic idea!" then looked at the price and gagged. Since I already have all the spices I was able to stop by our local science supply shop and purchase 12 test tubes, 12 cork stoppers and a stand for $30 (much better than the comparable $100 for 21 spices). All in all I would say it is a massive success for a third of the price! Thanks for the amazing idea!

loving. living. small. said... 12/05/2008

Sarah - what an awesome idea! Thanks so much for sharing with LLS! :)

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