Happy Labor Day!

Thankfully, we are not doing these things together - who knows what bed we'd end up with if we did?? Our dire need for a new mattress couldn't have come at a better time!!! We are using Day 1 of our holiday weekend to take advantage of the Labor Day mattress sales to (finally) buy a new bed. Days 2 & 3 will be spent in Santa Barbara to enjoy the beautiful city and enjoy some winetasting.

More to come on our experience in mattress land (figuratively) and show you how our new king-sized bed looks in our small space. I am definitely going to be doing a USING YOUR WALLS headboard DIY soon. Maybe something like this or this.

Happy Labor Day weekend and see you on Tuesday!


Happy Labor Day!
" said... 9/01/2008

Good luck on your mattress purchase. For what it is worth I would recommend buying on the lower side and upgrading the mattress with a nice feather bed topped with a mattress pad - for $200 you can get the feeling of a $1,000 bed upgrade. If that sounds good come to and use coupon code SECRET08.


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