I had such a busy work day and had no time to check in on one of my favorite daily reads, Apartment Therapy. When I finally had a moment of downtime, I clicked on to AT and to my surprise, there was a nice post about LOVING / LIVING / SMALL!!! Thank you to AT:LA and thank you, Grace!! Super sweet and thoughtful to include LLS in your community!! Love it!!



Christine Staley said... 6/19/2008

Hello! I LOVE your blog! Love love love love LOOOOOOOVE it!

I found you through AT (which I happen to be completely 100% addicted to, btw) and I have now found myself addicted to yours, too! I just spent the last 2.5 hours reading all of your posts!

I absolutely adore your apartment (I had a total crush on your red wall from the small cool contest!) and look forward to your future posts!

One question - I would love to see pics of the kitchen! I have some odd fascination with kitchens and given the rest of your apt, I am betting it's fantastic!

Any chance you'll be sharing pics?

loving. living. small. said... 6/19/2008

You are too sweet!!

Thanks for checking out LLS. :)

Tara said... 6/20/2008

That's how I found you. Apartment Therapy is awesome! :)

zjahazel said... 6/20/2008

i did the same thing! i just spend the past hour cheking out all us fabulous posts!

marta_tururu said... 6/20/2008

Wauuuuuu!!! your blog inspire me so much!!!
I have another blog with images that inspire me, you could be sure that some images will be in my blog.

My english is bad, sorry!

regards from http://decoinspiraciĆ³


Anonymous said... 6/21/2008

This post is what brought me to your blog. So glad they posted about ya'll!

Newyorkness said... 5/08/2011

Hi, just wanted to let you know I found your blog a few days ago and I think I have read every post now :-)
You've already inspired me to make some changes in the house, and for the better!
Thanks from the Netherlands :-)

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