IKEA CHIC: Make your own hallway

Since our bathroom is in our bedroom, we wanted to create a "hallway" for when we have guests over yet still have the flexibility and ease of "no hallway" when it's just the two of us. A little IKEA trip to pick up an affordable wire & hook set and curtains plus my boyfriend's drill skills and - voila - we have our hallway! And if we want, we can take all of the curtains completely down since they are simply clipped to the wire that is also barely noticeable. Love that!


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Anonymous said... 6/16/2008

ooh, great post & good pics.

Anonymous said... 6/19/2008

Stealing this idea!!! I live in a loft and you enter in the "bedroom." The upside is it forces me to make my bed everyday. But, you don't always want people to see the bed first.

loving. living. small. said... 6/19/2008

We've been loving our little hallway! We do need to get some curtains that aren't so sheer though. Those clips come in handy so I can change the look around. :)

panella.p said... 11/08/2008

is any of the hardware penetrating the ceiling? i can't really tell from the pic. we live in a condo and can't go through the ceiling but i'm dying for a canopy bed look.

love your site!!!

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