I can't say enough great things about monogramming!!! Back in style, this is a wonderful way to really make an average accent pop with life and color.

I recently came across designer Carla Lane (Desire to Inspire). She is truly talented and I love her look of clean lines, accent colors/pieces and how she really creating definition in a room. These rooms are not considered "small" but they do showcase small things you can do to your own room. I especially love the monogrammed cushions on the 2 groups of chairs - unique and classy.

Another cool way to personalize your small space is to use wall graffiti. Check out the work at Wonderful Graffiti where you can get your own mongram above your bed or place your own personal quote in the hallway.
I also am loving that the bigger chains - West Elm, PotteryBarn, etc - are offering personal monogramming for free. Again, creates a clean look for any room - in this case, pillowcases.

My favorite has to be Lands End totes - perfect in a small space to hold magazines, books, knickknacks. Get it in any color and size to work in your room - for just under $30!


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