small space dweller handbook
rethink your entryway

Have you ever thought about your entryway? It's one of those areas that many of us may not think about when we are thinking about making our space work but I say add it in to the design mix. Many small homes and apartments may not have a traditional entry way (like a foyer or entry hall) that allows for a console table. And since floor space is limited, sometimes a clunky table may not work. 

So what's a small space dweller to do? Of course I say, recreate your own version. We have a small entry way and needed a place to place our keys, my bags, etc. We didn't want to use hooks and there was no room for a table so so we "recreated" it by hanging a multi-tiered shelf on the wall. Now we have a place for keys, bags and some decor we enjoy. 



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rethink your entryway


Alexis Anzalone Anderson said... 10/05/2011

Really smart idea with the multi-tiered shelves. I am staring at our SMALL wall space near our front door, contemplating how to make it nicer to look at yet still very functional. Thanks for the inspiration!

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