interiors inspired by pretty kate spade shoes

With the holiday season in full swing, I can't help but eye the super pretty shoe selection over at kate spade. Who doesn't love a little sparkle in their lives? I was inspired to pull a few of my fave shoes and turn them into an interior and a color story that any small space dweller could pull inspiration from. A few small space tips - 

1) Color works in small spaces! Don't be afraid to add color style to your small space - it will add balance and dimension. Cool tones recede - making a space feel bigger. 

2) Small details add style and dimension.

3) Reflective or mirrored pieces and accents really evolve a small space and make it feel bigger.

4) Symmetry adds balance and makes a small space feel comfortable.

5) Consider your lighting accents - a textured chandelier definitely adds a lot of style and vertical depth.

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:: Images 1,2,4,5 via Inspire to Desire and image 3 via Lonny ::



3 Responses to "interiors inspired by pretty kate spade shoes"

Emily said... 12/17/2010

These rooms are gorgeous! This is one of my favorites of your posts.

Elisse said... 12/18/2010

Love! What a beautiful post. Well done.

Unknown said... 12/19/2010

Lovely rooms. Great colors and great blog : ) .

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