The POWER of Design

{Oh la la - I am so inspired by this incredible mirrored side table.}

One of the foundations for LOVING. LIVING. SMALL. is the embracing of your house (rental or not) as your home, your refuge. That is also why I enjoy writing for Apartment Therapy. The community is a support group for resources and understanding on how to achieve this personally. When I attended the Pacific Design Center's Westweek last week, I sat in for a few different speakers. While the feng shui lady didn't quite do it for me (what happens when you share your space with your feng shui polar opposite boyfriend? question still unanswered) but I was touched by one group that resonated the idea of "you house is your home" . The discussion was on the impact of fashion and interior design on the California lifestyle featuring Trina Turk and David Dalton. Aside from the interesting talk, David mentioned a few times about the power that design can have on someone.

Sometimes people may think that furniture and home decor are material things, useless clutter that offer no impact on your "living".
The reality is that all design can inspire and the power it can have on you emotionally is effective, motivating and charming all wrapped in one. For example, a simple vintage credenza bought at an amazing price that has gorgeous wood and modern architectural lines can remind one purely of their grandmother's house and spending time there when they were growing up. A lamp shade can stir an emotion that evokes pure happiness, reminding the owner of the sun coming through the clouds after a summer thunder storm when they grew up on the east coast. The idea being that when you place things in your home, you are highlighting positive memories and moments while creating form + function. You need a place to sit, right? So consider choosing a couch with fabric or lines that inspire you. Make it you!

I absolutely got what David was saying and have always embraced the power of a furniture or home decor pieces in my home. In fact, just yesterday when I was touring the LA Mart Design Center, I came across an amazing mirrored side table. A simple side table to some but to me a gorgeous work of art that was stunning in design and reminded me of some places I saw on a cross country road trip I took when I moved to New York 7 years ago. I have to have it! (more to come on that one!)

Enjoy and embrace your small space! It is your home and fill it with pieces that inspire you in some way, shape or form.

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The POWER of Design


vintage.sol said... 4/03/2009

Where oh WHERE can I get that mirrored side table?

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