SPOTTED: Leaning Wine Rack

I posted about the leaning wine rack months ago and finally spotted one in Los Olivos, CA at the Los Olivos Garage, a little vintage shop in town. Although a bit pricey (about $295), it looked as rustic and cool as it does in the picture here.



6 Responses to "SPOTTED: Leaning Wine Rack"

Ann said... 9/03/2008

The wine rack is amazing and so is the clock.

porter hovey said... 9/03/2008

It's so great. Love the wood it's made from. Fabulous!

Anonymous said... 9/05/2008

That is actually a riddling rack. It is used to ferment champagne. A true antique can get quite pricey, I've seen them go for $1,200 and more.

dee said... 9/05/2008

So neat!

madelin said... 9/10/2008

My sister's kitchen table is actually a riddling rack. It is under glass. Very neat.

loving. living. small. said... 9/10/2008

Madelin - what a neat idea!! If you have a picture, please email it to me! I'd love to showcase it.

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