nyc + exposed brick walls

I just booked my trip to nyc this June and can't wait! I lived in Soho for three years (a few years ago) and I do miss the energy + creative vibe of Manhattan.  This apt is what inspired this little blog and I while I have a few more square feet then that studio (only 325), I miss that little place. It was a special time. So here's to nyc - see you soon!

have a great + inspiring weekend! I am off to Sonoma to enjoy some wine country and warm weather (it's cold here in SF!)


4 Responses to "nyc + exposed brick walls"

Marilynne said... 4/23/2010

I couldn't live with myself in such a small place, much less with my husband and my big dog. I don't understand how it's done - which is probably why I like to read your blog.

I ♥ NY said... 4/24/2010

oh the joys of living in tiny nyc apartments... you either love it or hate it I guess. I am a lover.

loving. living. small. said... 4/24/2010

Marilynne, two years later and you may be my fave commentor to date - love it! and I heart ny, yes! i am (clearly) a lover to!

Nithya said... 4/24/2010

Hey, I have this secret wish to live in a small apartment with my future husband (still unknown)... and cherish the moments and joys of making it beautiful....!

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