small space style
inspiration from a tiny christmas tree

As a long time ad gal {I've been a commercial & digital producer for thirteen years}, I often see commercials in a different light. Since I work in the biz, I often view commercials beyond the concept. But there's one current TV spot that has definitely caught my small space eye and I really love it! Target's Tiny Christmas tree ad couldn't be cuter (and also shot and edited really well) and I wanted to share it with you guys. 

The :30 story - A cute New Yorker spots a tiny tree in SoHo (my old neighborhood) that is perfect for her small space. She snaps it up and creates a holiday focal point in her small space for her holiday party. Small space style - I love that she uses her ironing board as a bar and her TV as a  faux fireplace. Plus she layers extra seating in front of the credenza for guests. This spot not only has tons of small space ideas but I personally relate to her - that was *me* when I live in NYC a few years ago. Small space dwelling at it's finest in my 325 square foot studio (the inspiration for this blog, in fact). Check out the full spot right here, enjoy the music and small space style - love it!

:: All images via Target's Tiny Xmas Tree :30 ::



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inspiration from a tiny christmas tree


Two Flights Down said... 12/13/2010

Lovely! I also love the appropriate song... after falling in love with Guster's "Do You Love Me?" I was waiting for another song by them to appear on the radio. Just yesterday I heard this Christmas song by them and found it, too, to be adorable. This commercial is inspiring--especially since my husband and I just downgraded from a space that was almost too big for us in Japan to a tiny, but adorable apartment back in the U.S. We tend to be attracted to character before space...

Rebecca said... 12/13/2010

Aw! That was me too. Actually, it kind of still is, though my space has gotten a bit bigger.

Jenny | Aubrey Road said... 12/13/2010

i love this commercial and i don't even like xmas!

loving. living. small. said... 12/13/2010

Jenny, that's hilarious! The spot is pretty cute and I get it :)

Cynthia at Coffee On The Patio said... 12/14/2010

That ad caught my attention too. I love living in a small space. There's always room someplace for a Christmas tree.

Cheryl G. said... 12/14/2010

I love that commercial too (without knowing why exactly) even though I live in a "big" space (out in the sticks of Utah (for much less money).
Love your blog!

loving. living. small. said... 12/14/2010

yes, always room for holiday fun! :)

loving. living. small. said... 12/14/2010

cheryl - I know, I love it too and I think it's because we all have been *her*. The enjoyment of entertaining and having friends over mixed with the excitement of getting ready for the party - all that good stuff :)

girloliver said... 12/15/2010

Yes I LOVE that commercial, I always stop and watch it when it comes on!

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