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j. crew's "about a shoe" film in florence, italy inspires

I have been reading tons of blogs and books on Italy as I prep for my summer adventure to Europe. I also have been checking out films that are set in Italy for inspiration. When I came across J. Crew's short about a shoe, I was thrilled to see the Florence backdrop on display as Jenna Lyons and team partner with veteran shoemakers to create the fab lines that ultimately end up being avail in their stores. The short gives a quick glance at culture, style, color and collaboration. I love seeing things "made with love" and feel that way about creating my own small space.

I am sure most of you small space dwellers can relate to editing and curating your small space to make the most of it and keeping things that matter and make you feel good around you - yes! I pulled a few images from the film and added in some color palettes as well (hey, maybe a snapshot of a shoe mood board can become your new bedroom color palette?!). Click here to see the film  (I love that they take time from work to enjoy gelato and a great meal - ahh, Europe) and here for even more small space inspiration - this time inspired by pink flats.

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:: images via J. Crew's ABOUT A SHOE ::



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j. crew's "about a shoe" film in florence, italy inspires


Simply Mel {Reverie} said... 2/26/2011

These colors definitely inspire me to add a bit of 'pizazz' to the upcoming warm months! Oh how we love Italy, and believe it or not, Sean finds reminders of his time lived in Vincenza as he runs every morning through the wine valley.

Hope you visit us soon!

Merrily Down the Stream said... 2/27/2011

I just love your palettes derived from the photographs. Fabulous!

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