loving eating small
go vertical and horizontal

I am sure many of you small space dwellers have reinvented the "dining room" by way of your coffee table. In my apartment, I actually have a dining room (I know, right?! A small space dweller's dream) That being said, I personally knew that I wouldn't use my dining room as, well, a dining room. I am not super formal and, at this point in my life, I need a dedicated home office so the 120 square feet of  became just that.

I prefer to entertain in my main room when I have friends over. We sit around the coffee table and enjoy. Since the surface is a bit small, I have to be creative by either going vertical with a tiered stand or horizontal by sharing plates or trays. I use my cutting boards for all different types of food and the rack to stack plates as well. How do you make space in your small space? 



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go vertical and horizontal


Unknown said... 2/13/2011

Same here! And putting everything on one plate means less washing up afterwords too :)

jessicaraesommer said... 2/13/2011

Okay, first off I have to say I LOVE your home office! I desperately am in need of one and I totally adore yours, it is so inspiring. I paint (and blog) quite a bit as and I am in desperate need of a work space. Currently, I have a tiny woodfloored flat in Venice Beach, I have a large low table with rattan floor cushions... we gather on the floor at my place, I like to think of it as free spirited bohemian living, but really I just havent been able to spring for a sofa since the move. Here's to living well in tiny places. I love your blog.

xo Jessica Rae
{lovely ugly design}

RealBeauty said... 2/14/2011

Love your blog! Great ideas!

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