Lately I have been trading in my grande drip in for a spot of tea. With a wide range of flavors available, tea shops and tea accessories are becoming increasingly popular. Also, tea sets make for a wonderful addition to a small space. Display your teapot/set as an accent to your kitchen.

My absolute favorite tea shop is Le Palais Des The's, located in Beverly Hills. My oh my, this gorgeous tea shop has the most amazing smells, huge selection of teas and accessories plus they offer tea classe and ceremonies. (small tip - ask for a free sample of your favorite tea).

I also found some cool tea pots and sets (clockwise). At the English Tea Store, check out simple tea pots in simple vibrant colors. (and a simple price). I also love the Float Tea Lantern set - modern and pretty. This tea set found at Velocity is sure to be the subjet of conversation. The Fluted Tea Set, designed by Judy Jackson and found at Zanisa, is a simple twist on the classic white pot and brews loose tea perfectly. Any tea looks as sweet as can be in Keith + Lottie’s Sweetheart Teacups. Joey Roth's beautifully designed Sorapot is one hot item. Currently sold out, this tea pot is unique and functional.



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