One of my favorite shows is Small Space, Big Style on HGTV.

L-O-V-E it!

Showcasing living spaces 1000 sq ft and under, SSBS is a fantastic resource when designing and decorating your own small space. Plus they discuss design issues and how to solve them.

I particularly loved a recent episode that featured Krista's Santa Monica cottage. Her taste is great - a colorful eclectic yet classic vibe (living room pictured above). She also discusses a common problem that occurs in a small space.
  • Problem: What is the focal point in the main room? She has a large rectangular space for her main room that she wanted to divide into 2 spaces - living and dining. She also had an off-center fireplace that she did not want to focus on.
  • Solution: Krista decided to hang a series of framed artwork to create an anchor. She was able to really define the living room space aside from the placement of the fireplace. She could then create a sitting space for her couch and 2 pink chairs. All if this gave the dining room definition to feel like it's own room.
Definitely check out this great show - DVR it ASAP!



3 Responses to "SMALL SPACE, BIG STYLE (HGTV)"

Design Cracker said... 8/28/2009

I may have just finally found my favorite blog!! Love it love it love it.

loving. living. small. said... 8/30/2009

Thanks - that is too sweet!! :)

Anonymous said... 2/05/2011

Why are small space, big style, free style and sensible chic no longer on? Those were my favorites.

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