Saw Horse Desk

While I do enjoy my elfa unit for my desk space (using the walls to create both an desk surface and book shelves), I long for a pretty desk with saw horse legs. I love the look (scale and balance) plus the extra storage that the legs provide. I can see stacking some magazines or books and using the entire desk, not just the surface. I spotted this pretty desk at West Elm and may have to go for it!


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Saw Horse Desk


Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself said... 12/08/2009

Love that desk. I like their metal version, as well, which I just blogged about a week or so ago. On a different note, I've asked several different clerks at my West Elm store on several different occasions if I can buy the display antler... no such luck. "It's not for sale." Interesting to see other WE's have them. I wonder if each store was only allocated one. Hah.

I say bite the bullet. It's a beautiful desk!


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