SMALL SPACE D.I.Y.: Frame A Favorite Wallpaper

One of my favorite, affordable and easy DIY projects is simply framing wallpaper (digital or paper) to create a gallery in your small space. I spotted this free downloadble kitschy wallpaper of mailboxes, pigeons and trashcans straight out of NYC via Kate Spade and love it! This may be making an appearance in my new home soon! Click here to download it for yourself!



2 Responses to "SMALL SPACE D.I.Y.: Frame A Favorite Wallpaper"

Simba and Snowee said... 12/02/2008

That's pretty cool!

Anonymous said... 12/03/2008

Well i am moving for my further studies very soon where i am quite sure that i will be renting a small room,Any way i came through your site by mistake and found it to be very sweet and useful.

Not that the tips will be any useful to me as
1.I am a guy
2.I tend to be messy
3.I don't find enough time

Anyway I just wanted to drop a few words of appreciation of your neat and careful compiling of the tips and tricks

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