Although we still have 31 days til the new year, I am getting ready with Delphine's compact letterpress 2009 calendar. I love the simple design + colors! I am thinking of placing mine in a large frame and hanging it in the art gallery I'll be creating in the new apartment. Check out my right column to find other great print shoppes offering fabulous calendars to help welcome 2009!



3 Responses to "ON YOUR MARK, GET SET, GO..."

Glynn Kalara said... 12/01/2008

Very nice looking blog. Are u some kind of art designer, interior decorator or photographer? Just curious.

loving. living. small. said... 12/01/2008

Hi GlennK - while I love all of those things, I am not a professional in any of those fields. I have taken classes and enjoy being creative. Thanks for reading LLS!

Delphine said... 12/01/2008

Thanks for posting about my calendar! I really appreciate your support.

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