6 new additions to the loving. living. small. blogroll
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I just got back from Alt Design Summit, a blog and social media conference for design & lifestyle blogs and websites. Wow! What a few days and what incredible people! This whole blogging journey has brought some incredible rewards - the biggest being all the people that I have met offline, in real life. There were tons of fantastic blogs represented and I added many to the loving. living. small. blogroll. I always feel that small space inspiration can be found anyway - in fashion, color, cityscapes, food - you name it! It's all about feeling good and making your house a home - yes! There are over 175 blogs showcased here and I hope you check each one out and enjoy - they are truly amazing! For now, here are six I am loving and I know you will too!

Have you seen all the amazing paper goods available these days? The designers and publishers online and off are so amazing - wow! I had the pleasure of meeting and hanging out with Carina of Crow & Canary, a fab person who not only has her own line of pretty paper but she represents other high-end designs. Stationary, cards, notepads, all of it - are full of design and color inspiration. I truly feel all small space dwellers will gather inspiration from her.

Kirsten of Simply Grove may be my new favorite person - she's insanely sweet and has such an eye for design - love it! Everything showcased on her blog is inspirational, accessible and fab! Tons of interior and product ideas - you may lose a few hours scrolling through her work. Have fun!

Who wouldn't find incredible inspiration from a writer, designer, traveler, explorer, artsy gal? I sure have at the very sweet, Lillian's, blog called Unstitched. You have to check out her work - she posts such a broad range of design inspiration, I bet you go out and buy something new or redecorate your small space after finding some real gems on her site. Enjoy!

One of the panels at the conference was about up and coming blogs - that's how I discovered Lox Papers. In my opinion, hardly up and coming, this blog is *amazing* I seriously spent 2 hours the other day just scrolling through - post after post after post (ya get the idea and can probably relate, right?) Oh and the blogger just launched an amazing design e-magazine, Matchbook Mag, just the other day. You are officially "in the know" on this one - get in there and e-read this new magazine - it's great!

Don't you just love something that immediately makes your heart jump with inspiration? That's how I feel when I click on Megan's fab blog, Mimi + Meg. Full of design, fashion and just all around girly goodness, you will surely pick up some great ideas and style for your small space when reading her posts.

I am so glad to {finally} have met Erin in real life and she's just as amazing as her blog, Apartment #34. There's something so comfortable, dreamy and inspiring about her blog, I have lost a few hours (ok, a lot) enjoying her posts that infuse interiors, fashion and just overall hot style mix into each one. And although in my highest heels she still is taller then me by a lot, she's lovely and so is her blog. You must read it now!

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Get inspired, small space dwellers!



5 Responses to "6 new additions to the loving. living. small. blogroll
plus enjoy over 175 fab blogs & sites


Unknown said... 1/26/2011

Thanks so much for sharing! Will definitely be checking these blogs out :)

Apt#34 said... 1/26/2011

Stop it girl, you're makin' me blush! xo

carina said... 1/26/2011

Thanks so much for the mention - it's an honor to be listed in such great company! xo, carina

Anonymous said... 2/04/2011

I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to meet at Alt! I also adore Lillian and her inspiration blog. Thanks for sharing the others!

Lillian C said... 2/05/2011

Thank you so much for the shoutout! :) It was sooo wonderful meeting you at Alt and chatting it up with you ;) We should definitely see each other again soon (since we're so close!! :)

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