Favorite Foods

Bread. Butter. Wine. Cupcakes. Need I say more?

Enjoy your weekend!


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Favorite Foods


Vickie said... 11/17/2008

Congrats on blog of note. Those cupcakes look to good to eat!! Congrats on the new house and hope the move is easy.

Jeanette said... 11/17/2008

Looks delicious! Talk about small spaces. Right now I live in a closet. At least that's what it feels like. I have a single dorm room, and it actually is about the size of a walk-in closet. I love the ideas you put on here.

goesgreens said... 11/17/2008

Great blog i think,good idea...
Congratulations being blog of the note...

Success and regard,


Anonymous said... 11/17/2008

i like ur website its really cute. i saw it on Blog of Note.

-- Cattt

WhatIsOnMyMind said... 11/17/2008

Yum! It does look delicious

Light and Voices said... 11/17/2008

Tips on your site are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Lynn ... said... 11/17/2008

Love you blog!!! I get SO much out of coming here that I featured you on my blogroll!!! I'll be back here over and over and over ....


TIF said... 11/17/2008

the cupcake picture is quite lovely.

Erin Jump said... 11/17/2008

Love your blog concept! And congrats on being a "blog of note..."

Althea said... 11/17/2008

Great Blog! Especially adding flavors for blogging!

adelfa said... 11/17/2008

i like it...

mariancalago said... 11/17/2008

It looks Yummy...

Fifi Flowers said... 11/18/2008

THese are the items I could live on FOREVER! Throw in a beverage and I'm good to go! YUM!
ANother favorite eating small... appetizers for dinner!
ENJOY your day!

Jennifer Ramos said... 11/18/2008

I'm with you on that one...I LOVE cupcakes, its too bad i cant eat so many..!!!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

burning windmill said... 11/23/2008

oh my golly, That photo has sent me into a wonderful mental place of scrummy images, smells and tastes

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