SMALL SPACE MISC: Art For The Future

While this is not a small space post, it is about art + inspiration + hope in the future during these interesting and tough times. held an inspirational competition for its readership to create art celebrating Barak Obama’s presidential candidacy. The finalists work was then put on display at the Manifest Hope Gallery in Denver. Regardless of your political views, artwork extends to everyone. (via Design Notes)



2 Responses to "SMALL SPACE MISC: Art For The Future"

Anonymous said... 10/18/2008

Recently attended a Barack Obama rally and was fortunate to shake his hand and speak to him and get a personal response from him. He responded back, when I told him I was praying for him, "Thank you, I feel it." I was one out of a gathering of over 12,000. I like that his smile is genuine, he smiles with his eyes, you see his heart in his smile.

Anonymous said... 10/28/2008

What a great piece of art. I am ready for change...

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