Last weekend I met up with some lovely LA Design Bloggers in Silverlake, CA to take the Richard Neutra VDL House tour. Neutra was the innovator of geometric yet airy structures that represented a West Coast variation on the midcentury modern residence. He maintained a fluid and harmonious footprint by using various elements - mirrors, sliding doors, glass, bi-leveled ceilings - throughout the home. I also love the small outdoor space in the Neutra courtyard - simple, rustic and functional. Pioneer designers are a great source of inspiration for your own small space.

Thanks to Laure (AT:LA and at home at home), Cassandra (coco + kelley) and Dean (my little apartment) for organizing the event. :)


2 Responses to "DESIGN INSPIRATION: Richard Neutra"

laure said... 6/27/2008

No, Thank you!

Ivy Lane said... 7/04/2008

Love, Love, LOVE Richard Neutra's designs!!! I am heading to see Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water in a few weeks! Love the integration of the homes and nature, I would love to be able to see the sky, tree tops, and sweeping views throughout my home!

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