happy holidays and cheers to all small space lovers
:: here's to 2011 ::

Don't you love this home? Small and sweet and the gray fence and poppy red mailbox are amazing! Certainly makes me smile :) While I can't see the front door, I imagine it being red with a modern and stylin wreath on the front.

I hope you all have an awesome and sweet holiday and new years! I am sure I'll be tweeting here and there and posting pics {like this amazing double rainbow from yesterday's break in the rain}. As for posting, I'll be back in January with a little news to share about a new career journey I am taking - I hope you guys come with me (virtually anyway).

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4 Responses to "happy holidays and cheers to all small space lovers
:: here's to 2011 ::


Rebecca Corvese said... 12/27/2010

Happy Holidays to you! Have you seen the silly youtube video called "double rainbow"? It's hilarious! Check it out... and they also did a music version to it as well. My 13 year old daughter brought it to my attention! :)

The Goads said... 12/30/2010

Sometimes it's nice to live in a small space. It gives the feeling of warmth.

maizie clarke said... 12/30/2010

Happy New Year!

Jennifer DeDonato said... 1/02/2011

I want that house, bike and cute red mailbox! Happy New Year!!

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